Hugh Rogers Fellows go wireless

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Hugh Rogers Fellows go wireless


Our Hugh Rogers Fellows having been taking over the Einstein a Go Go studio at Melbourne’s independent radio station RRR.

RRR’s radio program Einstein a Go Go, well known for its “Weird and wonderful science” and proudly described as a “discussion and dissection of science ideas, made digestible for public consumption” has already featured a couple of our Hugh Rogers Fellows over the past few weeks, and on Sunday, 3 May, Dr Sandor Kazi will also feature on the program.

In the meantime, listen to Ms Emily Rochette from Melbourne Girls College here discussing young women in STEM subjects.

Education fellowships were received by Mr Sandor Kazi and Ms Emily Rochette, both science teachers at Melbourne Girls College who focus on promoting science education among female students. Both these great teachers are alumni of The University of Melbourne.

Also in RRR’s studio was Dr Natalie Thorne, Clinical Bioinformatics and Genomics Project Manager for the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance based at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Dr Thorne received her fellowship in 2014 in the Hugh Rogers science field and went to Boston to further her research and share her knowledge in Genomics.

This type of recognition is excellent news for the MBSCA and allows for our fellows discuss their knowledge and share with the greater community. It also allows our Fellows to showcase their unique experiences.

Congratulations and thanks to our three Hugh Rogers Fellows. 

You can find all the interviews on the Einstein a Go Go website.